The Cape Verde Strategic Policy Centre (EPC) held the Strategic Dialogue on “Real Economy Innovation Strategy”, and as a speaker Jose Luis Lopes consultant.
In his opinion, “Cape Verde is one of the few countries in the world that is not in the Global Index and is a failure that must be corrected because it shows some weakness of the country” in the process of gathering information.
Taking advantage of the indicators of other Index which is Cape Verde, José Luís Lopes said that in the political sphere, would be fine, but would not be so good in the regulatory environment and amiss in the business.
Innovation being the implementation of a product, good or service new or significantly improved, a process, a new institutional method in business or marketing practices, Cape Verde’s attention should be focused on the interaction of the institutions, in the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, human capital and technology, said the consultant.
And the scientific results and inventions should be applied to social challenges, with innovation being an increasingly widespread and open process in which the Internet has been instrumental, and also the link between the various actors and institutions in the country, claimed.
As crucial issues for innovation, José Luís Lopes proposed teaching, their quality and relevance to the economic development and support to improve the attitude and behavior of Cape Verdeans and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), where Cape Verde demonstrates some competitiveness, despite their low utilization by the private sector and its prohibitive price.
The creation of a national innovation system is for the consultant, another way to go, because ensures connectivity of actors, public and private institutions in research and production drivers of innovation knowledge in the context of a small island economy.
“We are not well either in economic competitiveness or the competitiveness of innovation, we are not good because some indicators of ‘inputs’ we are misclassified,” concluded José Luís Lopes.
The Strategic Dialogue was designed to collect subsidies and solutions for building consensus and preparing a note policy that will map the way forward in terms of innovation.