The Center for Strategic Policies (CPE) held in Praia city, a strategic dialogue on “Society and Transformation” in Cape Verde. According to the SPC coordinator, Manuel Pinheiro, the debate on “Society and Transformation” made a deep reflection on society and the transformation and the challenges that imply a change in attitudes and behaviors. In addition, the initiative intended to be an “interactive session” for contributions collection on the subject, which, like the various strategic dialogues promoted by the EPC, will serve to “build consensus” and the preparation of a policy note that will map the way forward in Cape Verde transformation process. To the presenter, Cape Verde presents itself today, internally and externally, as a country in transformation with a strong and vibrant transformation agenda, lacking however for greater involvement of society in the process of a consolidated and urgent manner. The purpose of the Strategic Dialogue, said it is discussing with other national frameworks and collect subsidies for the formulation of public policies for social development, having in mind that at this time, society has much more frames and more capabilities than society itself policy.

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