The Strategic Dialogue to integrate the creative economy to sustainable growth in Cape Verde.

The aim, according to the CPE coordinator, Manuel Pinheiro, was reflecting on the possibility of transforming the creative economy in fundamental axis of development of the Cape Verdean economy and collect subsidies for the integration and interaction of the same with other sectors for the development of policy implementation tools for the creative industries and maximizing their potential for inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the country.
And creativity a resource “no limit” that side of the culture, it has developed tourism, considered the “most dynamic” sector of the economy of the archipelago, recalled that culture is an area that does not suffer from the crisis, leaving yes maximized And integrate it in the development process and is not an apparent poor national economy.
In the opinion of Manuel Pinheiro, what one must do is “selling culture and creativity”, through new information technologies for a more scientific and organized by sector, bearing in mind that the biggest selling product of Cape Verde, worldwide, it is culture.
The Strategic Dialogue to integrate the creative economy was directed by Brazilian Lala Deheinzelin, an expert on Creative Economy, Sustainable Development and Future, and Lidia Goldenstein, professor and economic advisor.