The conference was organized by the Government of Cape Verde, in collaboration with the United Nations, bringing together high-level representatives from Comoros, Mauritius, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, as well as senior figures from the United Nations, to discuss the best ways of working together to achieve sustainable development in the post 2015 agenda perspective. With the approach of the deadline for implementation of the MDGs in 2015, Cape Verde has developed over the past two years a series of consultations on the MDGs and post-2015 in an effort to assess the current state of development, while preparing for the 2015 horizon and the objectives of sustainable development. In fact, during the consultation process on post agenda – in 2015, the main priorities for development identified in the surveys include better health services, quality education, less crime and violence and more job opportunities, especially among young people. One of the key outcomes of the National Forum, which took place in May 2014 and sought a national consensus on the outlook for Cape Verde in 2030 was an urgent need to prioritize the sustainability of the objectives of the country’s development.


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