Lux-Dev (Agence Luxembourgeouse pour la Cooperation or Développemont) in partnership with the Center for Strategic Policies held today, Wednesday, November 25, Atelier “Paradigm External Financing of the sectors of Education, Vocational Training and Employment”. The move comes as part of the CVE Program / 077 Technical Assistance for Governance of Integrated Policy Education-Training-Employment 2013-2015 (PAGPI-EFE) and Policy Management Unit Integrated Education-Training-Employment (PIEFE) supporting the actions taken by the Ministry of Youth, Employment and Human Resources Development, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation
The change of Cape Verde’s status in the international context has brought many challenges for parents, in particular the respect of financing for development. It meant a change in the intervention paradigm of International Cooperation, from an intervention based on projects financed directly to a model to support the state budget.
The international economic crisis has led to a considerable reduction of the resources, putting the Cape Verde faces the challenge to mobilize external resources to finance structuring programs and projects, especially for the sectors of Education, Vocational Training and Employment.
In order to consolidate the results achieved since independence until now, Cape Verde should take on the task of developing new approaches to access alternative sources of resources internationally.
Thus, it is intended with that Atelier -in a context open and participativo- reflect among sectoral actors on the funding paradigm and new challenges for the sectors of Education, Vocational Training and Employment.
The Minister of Youth, Employment and Development of Human Resources, Janira Hopffer Almada, presided over the event’s opening ceremony that took place today at 09 hours in Conference Room of Tropic Hotels, Praia, and the closure was in charge the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation , António Correia e Silva.