The Strategic Transformation Policy Center in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Planning and as the United Nations in Cape Verde, organize hum National Seminar Between 14 and 15 December, On the Sustainable Development Goals and their integration into policies and strategic plans and sectoral . The seminar will take place at the Banquet Hall of the National Assembly and will, constituted by a series of presentations, exercises and discussions Group. The first part of the seminar will aim to raise awareness and familiar as contradictory interested About the agenda in 2030, including The Trial That took a SO YOUR Structure and Your Content. Participants Also Vao discuss a Relevance calendar 2030 Para Cape Verde. Part Second Seminar focused eStara About Planning with as group presentations and exercises, and Participants and Supervisory Board and other leaders, particularly those responsible for planning and directors of sector ministries, Iran become familiar with as tools and approaches paragraph Embed THE ODS nos Country Strategy Papers and make sectoral plans. Great emphasis will be placed on priority areas of Sustainable Development, Policy coherence, integration and partnerships. The third part of Focara Seminar on aspects of financing, in particular, will be analyzed as different options que Cape Verde could consider paragraph dealing with a problematic Debt Management and ITS resolution Access to concessional financing and Issues Relating to the fiscal space. Take part in the technical seminar and Responsible for All OS Government Departments, including the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the sectoral ministries such as NGOs and other civil society organizations, MPs, private sector representatives , between others.