High Level Conference "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Middle Income"


    The conference was organized by the Government of Cape Verde, in collaboration with the United Nations, bringing together high-level representatives from Comoros, Mauritius, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, as well as senior figures from the United Nations, to discuss the best ways of working together to achieve sustainable development in the post 2015 agenda perspective. With the approach of the deadline for implementation of the MDGs in 2015, Cape Verde has developed over the past two years a series of consultations on the MDGs and post-2015 in an effort to assess the current state of development, while preparing for the 2015 horizon and the objectives of sustainable development. In fact, during the consultation process on post agenda - in 2015, the main priorities for development identified in the surveys include better health services, quality education, less crime and violence and more job opportunities, especially among young people. One of the key outcomes of the National Forum, which took place in May 2014 and sought a national consensus on the outlook for Cape Verde in 2030 was an urgent need to prioritize the sustainability of the objectives of the country's development.


    Concept Note

    Praia Declaration

    Coordinating Council Validates Strategic Plan 2014-2018


    The Council CPE Coordinator validated in Praia, the Strategic Policy to take effect in the period 2014-2018.

    According to the document validated, this exercise It was an opportunity to make a critical assessment of the past and present and formulate a strategy for the future and how to implement it.
    The document carries out a strategic assessment of CPE within the context of the country, as well as the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to be able to define the framework within which the schedule will be implemented.

    Perspective the future of the CPE, putting emphasis on the mission, vision and strategy, by comprising the strategic options and cross-cutting issues for the period 2014-2018 at the same time taking into account the risks and mitigating factors in its implementation.

    This is an ambitious agenda that the CPE intends to carry out in favor of speeding up the process of implementation of the transformation strategy, and mission of the CPE "peer into the future to today assert the right decisions with broad consensus on the transformation of Cape Verde in a developed country. "

    The view that the proposed CPE is "become a reference institution approved to facilitate the strategic and consultative support effective decision makers in Cape Verde, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life for all."

    The Center also provides for a comprehensive approach strategy with research and analysis, consulting, advocacy and communication and training, and cross-cutting issues those relating to knowledge management, communication, cooperation and partnerships.

    The strategic themes include the development of clusters, economic intelligence, coordination, monitoring and evaluation and institutional development and shed light on areas where the CPE will intervene, based on a comprehensive approach that indicates the actions to be carried out in each focal areas, as cross-cutting issues shape it the interventions that will be taken into account during the planning of each of them.

    Society and Transformation


    The Center for Strategic Policies (CPE) held in Praia city, a strategic dialogue on "Society and Transformation" in Cape Verde. According to the SPC coordinator, Manuel Pinheiro, the debate on "Society and Transformation" made a deep reflection on society and the transformation and the challenges that imply a change in attitudes and behaviors. In addition, the initiative intended to be an "interactive session" for contributions collection on the subject, which, like the various strategic dialogues promoted by the EPC, will serve to "build consensus" and the preparation of a policy note that will map the way forward in Cape Verde transformation process. To the presenter, Cape Verde presents itself today, internally and externally, as a country in transformation with a strong and vibrant transformation agenda, lacking however for greater involvement of society in the process of a consolidated and urgent manner. The purpose of the Strategic Dialogue, said it is discussing with other national frameworks and collect subsidies for the formulation of public policies for social development, having in mind that at this time, society has much more frames and more capabilities than society itself policy.

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