Center for Strategic Policies (CPE)

The fundamental mission is to contribute to improving the country’s performance on economic policy management and support the different public and private stakeholders in implementing the national transformation strategy.





The Strategic Policy Center aims to:

  • Support the Government in the coordination and implementation of strategic policies of the country’s development
  • To promote and coordinate actions aimed at increasing the leadership skills of design, implementation and monitoring of the social and economic transformation of the country
  • Perform and promote the realization of actions with a view to strengthening the institutional and human capacities of the public sector, private sector and civil society
  • Conduct and systematize studies, analysis and training, in areas relevant to the long-term transformation of the country, ordering, if necessary, conducting applied research to institutions and personalities from the academic and scientific community
  • to support the design, articulation and coordination, and the action programs, projects and policies related
  • Serve interface and facilitator of dialogue and coordination between the various players and public and private sectors listed in the country’s transformation process
  • Create a knowledge base of key sectors and disseminate information relevant to Cape Verde’s transformation strategy.




  • Develop strategic long-term studies for the country
  • Assist in the coordination and management and analysis of economic policies
  • To support the implementation of the country’s development of strategic policy
  • Strategy Project Implementation and Transformation Policy Center
  • Strategic Dialogue between the private sector, society and the Government on strategic policy.


  • Products and knowledge-based services
  • Partnerships
  • Strategic Studies Realization
  • coordination structures.


A special unit of implementation of STPC, called Center for Strategic Policies (CPE), was established in August 2006, through Resolution No. 36/2006, of August 21, published in the Official Bulletin No. 26, I Series.

B O Estabelece o Centro de Politicas Estratégicas