Speech of the Prime Minister at the Opening of the Sea Cluster Forum

“In the Sea Cluster construction not starting from ground zero . Since we introduced the Sea Cluster concept in Cape Verde Transformation Forum, in 2003 , various initiatives and actions have been developed to leverage this new strategic vision. “

Discurso PM sobre cluster mar

Concept Note of the Sea Cluster Forum

Our goals and our vision are clear. How to operationalize the vision and turn it into concrete actions that allow us to build a maritime economy that is globally competitive is today, the main challenge we face. That is why the Government of Cape Verde , in partnership with CCIASB proposed a Sea Cluster Forum to start thinking to formulate a strategy to address these specific issues .

Cluster do Mar Forum – Nota Conceptual

Report of the Sea Cluster Forum Final

The importance of the sea to Cape Verde is widely recognized and , indeed , an important axis in the economic transformation strategy of the nation. The use of the strategic position of Cape Verde and its maritime extension in building a competitive maritime economy is a key element in economic transformation strategy , connected to overflow , conservation , processing and export of fish , the added value of tourism, science and marine technology and maritime trade, with strong impact on the internationalization of our economy and creating jobs . 

Relatório final Fórum Cluster do Mar